Rapid revenue growth with an online version of high striker.


Striker has quite an easy concept. All your players need to do is place a bet, predict the winning number or choose a range and wait till the lever is struck. After the puck rises and shows the winning number. If the predicted range or number coincides with the winning number, the player wins. Coefficient is decided by the system automatically.

By the way, you can compel your players by allowing them to place two bets simultaneously during a single round to multiply the chance of winning.

An operator can prove the fairness of the game result through Provably fairness calculator. After the end of each round, each player can make sure that the winning number is decided before each round through the history tab.

Ensure 100% transparency and incredible gaming experience for your players.

Key Features

  • Configurations per partners’ needs

  • Provably Fairness Calculator
  • Game Result Checker
  • Desktop and mobile versions available
  • Auto-bet features
  • Multi-currency, multilingual
  • Ability to accept two bets for a single round
  • Demo view opportunity